Why do Truck OEMs Want a “Cooling System,” Not Just Components?

In the aftermarket environment, it is common to replace an OEM part with a replacement part that is not “tuned” to match the parameters of the OE part. Once this happens, the “system” is no longer “balanced." During this session, TitanX takes you through a step-by-step process showing how this all works and what happens when the “system” is out-of-whack. Plus, you'll get a comprehensive presentation on what you need to know about diesel particulate technology.

TitanX Solution for the 2007-2013 Freightliner Cascadia

One of the advantages of an OEM heat exchanger supplier is access to the various truck and engine manufacturers. TitanX's access allows us to better understand the technical aspects surrounding a particular eld-failure event such as the Cascadia radiator prior to a redesign in mid-2013. During this session, TitanX reviews the fact finding activities and the subsequent actions that ended in a superior solution.

Cooling Systems for Prime Power & Back-up Power Generation

Power generation has been a global hot spot in the world of heat exchange products and service. Economic and environmental challenges have driven recent innovations in cooling systems designs. In this presentation, you'll get a look at popular power generating designs and the thermal management products used to meet the service and duty challenges.