2021 Spring Conference

NARSA/IDEA is hosting another virtual conference May 20-21, 2021 which you can attend from the comfort of your shop, office, or home!

Among our technical presentations, this year NARSA/IDEA is also adding new panel discussions featuring experts in the cooling systems and emissions industries. Participants will be able to interact with speakers live through Zoom.

NARSA/IDEA members in good standing may attend this conference FREE. Non-members may attend the second day of the conference for free.

Be sure to check back to this page for updates including when registration opens. For any questions regarding registration, please email linda@narsa.org.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

“Leadership in Adversity” by Greg Coker 

What does it take to be an exceptional leader during challenging times? Learn how emotional intelligence enables real leadership and deep connections with each other. 

Greg Coker is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Soft Skills – a full-service leadership development and consulting firm which specializes in “in-house” training and customized training to fit your needs and culture while focusing on organizational and individual effectiveness. The term “soft skills” refer to interpersonal skills like communication skills, negotiation skills and creative problem solving. These skills are sometimes underestimated, however, they are often more powerful as the so-called “hard” or “formal skills”. A good set of soft skills will ensure good customer service and returning customers.

“Proper Procedures for Welding Together an Aluminum Oil Cooler Core” by SKL Aluminium 

This presentation will include insight into proper preparations and procedures for assembly of aluminum components in your shop.

“On-site Generator Repair Opportunities and Challenges” Panel Discussion

Moderator: Mark Taylor, NARSA/IDEA Executive Director
Panelists: Bobby Duran (Cooling Systems Caribe), Charlie Dorsey (ERS Cooling Systems), Bryan Braswell (Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C)

Friday, May 21, 2021

DPF Failure Analysis

Learn how to identify different types of DPF failures and what causes the condition. If your customer has issues with other engine components, learn how to be the expert by having the expertise to advise the customer they have other issues upstream of the DPF and DOC.

“Navigating Your Business Through Price Increases In an Ever-changing Economic Time” Panel Discussion

Moderator: Bobby Duran, NARSA/IDEA President

Hear from some of your peers how they handle the price increase objection. Commodity markets and freight have all been affected by the pandemic and current economy. There are container shortages, freight increases, raw material increases, tariffs and supply chain challenges that are raising the cost of products. 

“How To Market Your DPF Cleaning Business When the Competition Promotes Only One Type Of Cleaning as Effective”

The focus of this presentation is to become educated about the proper procedures used to clean a DPF or DOC effectively no matter the cleaning equipment you use.




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