2021 Spring Conference

NARSA/IDEA hosted its second virtual conference May 20-21, 2021. Thank you to our amazing speakers, participants, and sponsors who helped make our event a success! All of our sessions were recorded and are available for members only on our website here. Check back for updates!


Thursday, May 20, 2021

11:00a ET | Welcome Message

11:15a ET | “Leadership in Adversity” by Greg Coker

What does it take to be an exceptional leader during challenging times? Learn how emotional intelligence enables real leadership and deep connections with each other. 

Greg Coker

Greg Coker is the founder and CEO of The Institute for Soft Skills – a full-service leadership development and consulting firm which specializes in “in-house” training and customized training to fit your needs and culture while focusing on organizational and individual effectiveness. The term “soft skills” refer to interpersonal skills like communication skills, negotiation skills and creative problem solving. These skills are sometimes underestimated, however, they are often more powerful as the so-called “hard” or “formal skills”. A good set of soft skills will ensure good customer service and returning customers.

12:30p ET | “Proper Procedures for Welding Together an Aluminum Oil Cooler Core” by SKL Aluminium 

This presentation will include insight into proper preparations and procedures for assembly of aluminum components in your shop.

Dany Desrosiers

Dany Desrosiers has been with SKL Aluminium since 2005. He began as a welder for SKL’s aftermarket department before moving to OEM. Since then, Dany has been the department supervisor.

1:30p ET | “On-site Generator Repair Opportunities and Challenges” Panel Discussion

On-site generator radiator repair has been an additional profit center for several companies in our industry. What does it take to be proficient at on-site repairs? Our diverse panel includes radiator business owners who discuss the opportunities and challenges of performing radiator repair on site.

Panelists: Bobby Duran (Cooling Systems Caribe), Charlie Dorsey (ERS Cooling Systems), Bryan Braswell (Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C)
Moderator: Mark Taylor, NARSA/IDEA Executive Director

Bobby Duran is President of Cooling Systems Caribe in Aibonito, Puerto Rico.  Bobby started his career with S&F Radiator Service in New Jersey in 2005 and successfully exited the business in 2016. He has been a NARSA member for 15 years and a board member for over 10 years. He is currently serving as the President of NARSA/IDEA.

Charlie Dorsey started his career working for his dad’s mobile truck repair company. In 2010, he joined ERS Cooling Systems in Glen Burnie, Maryland doing air conditioning repairs and radiator replacements on trucks and equipment. He later became the service manager, managing all of the shop service work at the facility before becoming the general manager at ERS Cooling Systems in 2017. 

Bryan Braswell is current Heavy Duty Operations Director at Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C, inc located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. After finishing his collegiate baseball career at Campbell University Bryan joined his family business in 2011. He has been a NARSA board member since 2013 and follows his father (Chuck Braswell) and Grandfather (Linwood Braswell) as previous former NARSA presidents.

Mark Taylor graduated from Wesley College before starting his own radiator repair business in 1981. He later owned and operated ERS Cooling Systems in Glen Burnie, MD for 36 years. He served as President of NARSA from 2014-2016, then Chairman of NARSA from 2016-2018 before becoming the Executive Director in 2019.

Friday, May 21, 2021

11:00a ET | Welcome Message

11:15a ET | DPF Failure Analysis by Skyline

Learn how to identify different types of DPF failures and what causes the condition. If your customer has issues with other engine components, learn how to be the expert by having the expertise to advise the customer they have other issues upstream of the DPF and DOC.

Michael Streichsbier, Ph.D.

Michael Streichsbier, Ph.D. serves as the Chief Technical Officer of Skyline and ESW Group. Dr. Streichsbier earned his degree. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been working on emission control technologies. diesel engine emission controls and retrofit since 2000 and is the author of several patents, technical papers, and a variety of presentations in the field of combustion, air pollution, and diesel retrofit.

12:30p ET | Futurenomics: The Economic Snapshot You Need to See Today by Mary Kelly

How does the current economy impact your business? Through this presentation, you’ll understand what changes in international trade mean for the cooling systems and emissions industries and gain a valuable understanding of today’s economy to improve profits and safeguard your business’ bottom line. (Registrants will receive a free copy of Mary Kelly’s “Who Comes Next: Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy” or “The Five Minute Leadership Guide.” Up to 2 books per company until supplies run out.)

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and spent over 20 years on active duty in intelligence and logistics. She retired from the Navy as a commander.  She has masters’ degrees in history and economics, and a PhD in economics. With over 20 years combined teaching experience at both the Naval Academy and at Hawaii Pacific University, she taught economics, finance, history and management. She has extensive experience in business coaching, management, economics, finance, banking, insurance, real estate, government, organizational leadership, communication, business growth, teamwork, strategic planning, human resources, customer service, time management, and project development.

1:30p ET | “Marketing Your DPF Cleaning Business When the Competition Endorses Only One Type Of Cleaning Method” Panel Discussion

Prepare your business’s marketing strategy to compete with large DPF cleaning companies who endorse only one type of cleaning as being effective. Perhaps your company offers multiple types of cleaning or maybe you only have the original bake and blow equipment. Hear from three industry experts as to the approach they follow when marketing their companies and also hear the opinions of a leading DPF manufacturer’s sales manager who has visited many cleaning facilities across North America. This panel will share insights on the DPF cleaning market and help our members better understand what it will take to succeed against the competition.

Panelists: Steve Hoke (Diesel Emissions Service), Jeremy Anderson (FSX), Scott Boltz (Global Emissions Systems Inc)
Moderator: Jamie Irvine (Heavy-Duty Parts Report)

Steve Hoke is the President of Diesel Emissions Service. Steve has been in the HD Truck market since the mid 80s and entered the aftertreatment business in 2006. Diesel Emissions Service is known for their national brands, Redline Emissions Products and Filtertherm DPF Cleaning equipment. He is also a NARSA/IDEA Board Member.

Jeremy Anderson is the National Sales Manager with FSX Equipment, Inc. He has worked in the diesel exhaust aftertreatment industry for over 12 years. His expertise includes best practices for maintaining DPF, DOC and SCR. On his free time, he loves mountain climbing, fishing, crabbing, and shrimping with his family.

Scott Boltz is the Vice President of Commercial Diesel Products, for Global Emissions Systems, Inc. He endeavors to be a catalyst for commerce and conservation so we may enjoy prosperity together. With over 20 years experience in the trucking industry and a pedigree in engineering, sales, marketing, and commercial management, Scott seeks to help grow businesses.

Jamie Irvine has worked in the heavy-duty parts industry since 1998, he is the host of the industry-leading podcast The Heavy-Duty Parts Report, and is a Sales and Marketing Consultant that works with heavy-duty parts manufacturers and distributors.




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