NARSA/IDEA Announces Toggle, Inc. Partnership

As an association, it has been our goal to help our members make more money, or in some cases save money. We are very excited to announce a partnership with Toggle Inc. 

Any member who wishes to get set up with Toggle can contact Mark Taylor at or call (410) 320-5119. Mark will be happy to arrange an introduction with Toggle, Inc., so you can take advantage of the best possible discount when booking your freight shipments. Please take a minute to review the Toggle literature to see how this benefit can help you save money. 

WHAT IS TOGGLE?  Toggle, Inc. is a technology company built to service the logistics industry. The Toggle platform is a software solution that allows end-to-end transparency. Our focus is to provide a secure ecosystem, which does not currently exist in the logistics industry. Through increased transparency, securitization of transactions and automation, the Toggle platform will allow shippers and distributors to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, while increasing the quality of life for drivers. 

In short, Toggle aims to be an innovator in the U.S. trucking industry by enabling greater efficiency and transparency throughout the entire shipping process. 

WHAT DOES TOGGLE DO? Toggle is a revolutionary, end-to-end supply chain management system that will automate many current processes in the shipping industry in the near future.

  • Eliminate waste, fraud and redundancies. 
  • Secure the shipping ecosystem, so we can harness multiple organizations to move a single shipment. 
  • Provide transparency to every point of contact within the network. 
  • Provide real-time analytics and data for shippers and carriers. 
  • Reduce carbon footprints. 
  • Automate the broker process, reducing overall costs. 
  • Improve the lives of carriers through enhanced compensation, lifestyle and at-home time. 


  • More profitable freight 
  • Quality dispatching services 
  • Maximize profitability on the road 
  • Reduction of downtime 

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