Doug Shymoniak Named New NARSA/IDEA Executive Director

The Board of Directors of NARSA The International Heat Transfer Association and IDEA (International Diesel Emissions Association) announces the appointment of Douglas P. Shymoniak as Executive Director effective November 1, 2023. 

Doug Shymoniak, NARSA/IDEA Executive Director

Doug Shymoniak is from the Portersville, Pennsylvania area and has a past history with the association. For approximately 7 years, Doug worked with the previous management company of Wayne Henry Associates (WHA) who was responsible for managing the affairs of NARSA. From 2010 until 2017, Doug worked closely with NARSA’s members and supporters. Doug has been working in advertising and marketing sales for other trade associations since he was last at NARSA in 2017.

“It is my pleasure to introduce Doug Shymoniak as the new Executive Director of NARSA/IDEA,” said Bryan Braswell, NARSA/IDEA President. “Doug brings years of valuable leadership skills and experience to the role, including previously serving NARSA along with other associations over the last several years.”

“I am extremely grateful and overjoyed to be part of this incredible organization again,” said Doug Shymoniak. “Collaborating with the esteemed board of directors, I am eager to channel our collective passion and expertise towards better serving our valued members. Together, we will strive to unlock opportunities for growth and prosperity, ensuring that NARSA’s members increase profitability by becoming better businesses and entrepreneurs.”

“I know Doug is very excited to be assuming the new role as the Executive Director of NARSA/IDEA and looks forward to reconnecting with old friends and colleagues in our industry,” said Mark Taylor. “Since Doug joined NARSA/IDEA on October 3, he has been training on the systems and processes in anticipation of assuming the head position of the association. The Board of Directors is confident Doug will bring his experiences and expertise from his previous roles to steer and grow NARSA/IDEA in the future. I wish him the best.”

Mark Taylor has been the Executive Director of NARSA/IDEA since 2019. He graduated from Wesley College before starting his own radiator repair business in 1981. He later owned and operated ERS Cooling Systems in Glen Burnie, Maryland for 36 years. He served as President of NARSA from 2014-2016, then Chairman of NARSA from 2016-2018 before becoming the Executive Director in 2019.

“On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, we would like to thank Mark and Sandy Taylor for their amazing support and dedication to NARSA over the last few years,” said Braswell. “Without their guidance, leadership, and organization, our association would not be in the excellent position it is today. We look forward to collaborating with Doug during this transition to ensure the continued success of NARSA/IDEA, and we welcome you all to stop by and wish Mark and Sandy the best at the Member Appreciation Reception.”

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