Core Materials & Design

Independent consulting engineer Mark Meller addresses the different types of metals and designs used in heat exchange and why. Materials covered include: copper, brass, aluminum, and steel. He explains fin and tube configurations and their applications as inline and staggered tube arrangements, staggered tube arrangements, bumped fins, louvered fins, lanced offset fins, serpentine fins and plat fins. The session also covers tube size and its impact on performance.

Practical Metal Forming & Fabrication Fundamentals

The presentation covers plate material selection (soft, hard, pickled, black, galvanized, SS 304 vs 316, gauges). It also breaks down bending for radiator tanks, side anchors and shrouds. Bending information will include selection of tool, blank length calculations, tolerance variations, radius selection, manual brake set-up, bending sequences as well considerations for single part, multi-part planning and duplication of parts.