System Protector & Service Procedures

Are you struggling to find and retain talented employees? It is no secret that many businesses today are facing a labor shortage. Lisa Schaffer from the North American Trade Schools in Maryland explains how you can successfully attract entry-level employees and ways to keep them around.

The Spark You Need

​Sometimes at NARSA outings, we walk away with all the answers and solutions to issues we’ve fought for years; other times, we walk away excited about catching up with old friends we’ve made through the industry. But every time you return home from a NARSA event, you are filled with a renewed sense of passion and energy to take your business to the next level.


In many ways I may have already touched upon the subject of this editorial, but I am not sure I have identified the “E” word before. This editorial is about the “E” word, ENTHUSIASM. You may be wondering how enthusiasm affects you, or how it is even relevant to you and business? It is simple but worth writing about because it may be overlooked in your business life.

“Solder & Soot” Podcast Episode 24: Joel Block

What do a successful business owner and an expert Black Jack player have in common? According to futurist and longtime venture capitalist Joel Block, both are Advantage Players™. In this episode of "Solder & Soot," hosts Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran sit down with Joel about what it means to be an Advantage Player™ and how that relates to the cooling systems industry. Joel will be the keynote speaker at NARSA/IDEA's 2023 Spring Conference at Empire Radiator in Rochester, New York.

March/April 2023 Cooling Journal

NARSA/IDEA members from all over the world headed together to the Middle East as part of the 2023 International Tour. In this new issue, hear directly from members about what they learned from visiting 3 manufacturers: Dolphin Group, Serck Global, and Siyam Radiators. Plus, see what's in store for our 2023 Spring Conference hosted by Empire Radiator in Rochester, New York.

“Solder & Soot” Podcast Episode 23: Dolphin

If you're involved in the cooling systems industry, you likely know the name Dolphin. Ahead of NARSA's 2023 International Tour in the Middle East, we sit down with Riddhish Kapadia of the Dolphin Group to learn more about the manufacturer's history and its extensive footprint across the world. In this episode, we also learn about the key decisions that are helping Dolphin achieve its dream goal: to become a $25 million company in the next 7 years.

Adapting in 2023

In the early 80s, copper and brass automotive radiators were still dominating the majority of work in radiator shops. This trend started to shift by the mid to late 80s as plastic and aluminum radiators became original equipment for the majority of the automotive market. Also diverting business from the radiator shops was inexpensive complete radiators from overseas which were being sold by every type of auto parts outlet. Within 10 years, the automotive radiator aftermarket had been transformed from being predominantly a radiator shop function to the radiator shops having a small piece of the new automotive complete radiator sales market.

The Link Between the Manufacturer & the Repair Shop

Starting off a new calendar year gives us a chance to do some cleaning up, and for many businesses such as ours, it gives us a chance to reflect on what things went right and those which could stand improvement. With 2023 underway, we started to see a changing of the guard with supply chains slowly starting to recover, shipping and freight cost starting to come back to reality, as well as some semblance of a COVID-free work environment.

January/February 2023 Cooling Journal

We ring in 2023 with the January/February issue of the Cooling Journal. This month, we feature the talented team at South Texas Radiator. See how two cooling systems experts have branched out on their own in our Member Spotlight. Plus, learn what NARSA/IDEA's Board of Directors look forward to in 2023.