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NARSA/IDEA’s magazine is published every other month. The Cooling Journal contains articles and editorials focused on the radiator, heat exchanger, and diesel emissions industries. We also spotlight our members’ work in every issue.

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Important Notice about The Cooling Journal:

The Cooling Journal is a bi-monthly magazine produced by NARSA/IDEA featuring news, technical articles, and important events within the cooling system and emissions industries. It has an international readership and digital presence. Beginning May 2022, only NARSA/IDEA members in good standing will receive physical copies in the mail. The digital version of The Cooling Journal will remain available for everyone. If you are not a member, but would like to receive copies of the magazine for a yearly subscription fee of $75.00, please contact Sandy Taylor at

September/October 2023 Cooling Journal

We visit Southpointe Radiator of Michigan in the 2023 September/October issue of the Cooling Journal. Learn how they’re investing in equipment to help diversify their jobs.

Plus, we’ve got a closer look at all the members and exhibitors at AAPEX 2023 and NARSA/IDEA’s corresponding events.

Interest Rates, Right To Repair, Education & Coolant Quality

At some point, if you are in the cooling system service and parts supply, you will be affected by poor coolant quality. Your customer and their level of coolant education will determine if you are faced with warranty issues arising from poor quality coolant. It is evident that some areas and demographics are more susceptible…

Focusing on Safety Practices

Over the last year, our company started breaking down our safety practices–some of which we were on top of, and others that had fallen behind the curve and desperately needed to be revisited.

July/August 2023 Cooling Journal

In the 2023 July/August issue of the Cooling Journal, we learn all about Pickarts Radiator of Wisconsin. Learn about their challenges and how this industry is keeping them on their toes.

Plus, AAPEX 2023 is shaping up to be a jam-packed event. See the full list of all the NARSA/IDEA members exhibiting.

Wrapping Up a Busy Spring

The association has wrapped up a busy Spring with the International Tour in March and the conclusion of the 2023 Spring Conference in Rochester, New York, a few weeks ago. A huge thanks to the Schelkun family for their hard work and hospitality on the first day of the conference which was hosted at their…

Pat O’Connor Inducted into Hall of Fame

Longtime NARSA member Pat O’Connor was inducted into the Cooling Systems Hall of Fame during the 2023 Spring Conference in Rochester, New York on Friday, April 28. The Hall of Fame is considered the highest distinction within NARSA/IDEA. 

Hiring for the Long Haul

There is no doubt that hiring in 2023 is a struggle for most businesses; every conversation seems to have the phrases: “No one wants to work anymore,” and “You can’t find good help.” I’m here to set the record straight by highlighting what companies within our industry are doing to get quality people in their…

2023 Spring Conference Wraps up in Rochester

Dozens of NARSA/IDEA members descended on Rochester, New York for the 2023 Spring Conference. The two-day event was hosted by longtime NARSA/IDEA member Empire Radiator, owned and operated by the Schelkun family.

Johnson Mfg Announces Retirements & New Hire

Johnson Manufacturing Company, a leading producer of industrial fluxes and solders, announced the retirement of Craig Willi, the company’s Quality Assurance (QA) Chemist, effective June 2, 2023 and Rodger Becker, Metals Assistant Leadman, effective March 14, 2023. 

May/June 2023 Cooling Journal

NARSA/IDEA’s 2023 Spring Conference wrapped up in Rochester, New York at Empire Radiator. Hear from members about what they took away from attending the Spring Conference.

Plus, longtime NARSA member Pat O’Connor received the highest honor in the cooling systems industry as he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


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