May/June 2021 Cooling Journal

We recap NARSA/IDEA’s Spring 2021 Virtual Conference in the May/June 2021 issue of The Cooling Journal. See how our members from all over the world connected and interacted with our speakers and experts through technical presentations and panel discussions. We also learn more about about TitanX’s history in our Member Spotlight.

“Solder & Soot” Podcast Episode 06: Chuck & Bryan Braswell (Rocky Mount Radiator & AC)

Chuck and Bryan Braswell join us from North Carolina at Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C, which is a fourth-generation family-owned business, and their involvement with NARSA/IDEA runs deep as well. Chuck is a former NARSA/IDEA President and Bryan currently serves as a Board member. Learn how NARSA/IDEA has contributed to their success, about their future goals to expand the business, and what it’s really like working closely with your parents in this latest episode.

“Marketing Your DPF Cleaning Business When the Competition Endorses Only One Type Of Cleaning Method” Panel Discussion

Prepare your business’s marketing strategy to compete with large DPF cleaning companies who endorse only one type of cleaning as being effective. Perhaps your company offers multiple types of cleaning or maybe you only have the original bake and blow equipment. Hear from three industry experts as to the approach they follow when marketing their companies and also hear the opinions of a leading DPF manufacturer’s sales manager who has visited many cleaning facilities across North America. This panel will share insights on the DPF cleaning market and help our members better understand what it will take to succeed against the competition.

Webinar: “Futurenomics: The Economic Snapshot You Need to See Today”

How does the current economy impact your business? Through this presentation, you’ll understand what changes in international trade mean for the cooling systems and emissions industries and gain a valuable understanding of today’s economy to improve profits and safeguard your business’ bottom line.

Webinar: “DPF Failure Analysis”

Learn how to identify different types of DPF failures and what causes the condition. If your customer has issues with other engine components, learn how to be the expert by having the expertise to advise the customer they have other issues upstream of the DPF and DOC.

Webinar: “Leadership in Adversity”

What does it take to be an exceptional leader during challenging times? Learn how emotional intelligence enables real leadership and deep connections with each other. 

May 2021 Newsletter

The first quarter of 2021 is completed, and typically everyone in the cooling system business is eagerly anticipating a change in the weather. NARSA/IDEA is looking forward to our upcoming Spring 2021 Virtual Conference featuring a range of speakers, technical presentations, and panel discussions. Learn more about our diverse lineup in our latest newsletter.

“Solder & Soot” Podcast Episode 05: Economist Dr. Mary Kelly

How has COVID-19 impacted the global supply chain? In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Mary Kelly, a renowned economist, author, public speaker, and professor. Hear how Dr. Kelly describes the current state of the economy and what business owners need to know about what could happen next. 

Are Business Meetings a Waste of Time?

What I learned late in life was meetings actually increased our productivity and most importantly improved the employee and customer experience. How can so many businesses and managers of companies be so far off without realizing the detriment of bad meetings?

The Cemeteries are Filled with Indispensable People

The pandemic has shown us that people are  adaptable and can adjust to world changing events. Letting go and empowering people may be difficult at first, but the long-term effects are really what being in business is all about. Working together as a team has transformed our organization. The less I’m needed, the more successful we’ve become. 

March/April 2021 Cooling Journal

In the March/April 2021 cover story, we learn the origin story of Diesel Emissions Service and how DES owner Steve Hoke’s business philosophy impacts his companies. This issue also includes several technical articles on typical Shell & Tube heat exchangers, Aftertreatment 101 and a guide to turning Plastic Tanks to All-Metal.

Webinar: Fitting Identification (Part 1)

Heavy Duty cooling system repair requires properly identifying fittings. It is recommended to test certain heat exchangers with high pressure nitrogen. In order to test at 300 psi, it is necessary to have fittings that will seal the cooler’s original fitting set up. Identifying the fitting that will be needed for testing will be covered in this webinar. 

“Solder & Soot” Podcast Episode 04: Diesel Emissions Service

In Episode 4, we talk with Steve Hoke of Diesel Emissions Service. Hoke’s empire has grown to include manufacturing and distributing diesel particulate filter accessories and parts. Hear how his business philosophy focuses on relationships and how he’s helping educate other members within NARSA/IDEA.

Webinar: Repeatable DPF Cleaning Ensuring Quality

How can you get verifiable DPF cleanings regardless of the brand of machine you’re using? During this session led by DES Engineering & UL Shop Manager Russ Tuckerman, you’ll learn the best steps to have a repeatable DPF cleaning program no matter what type of brand of cleaning equipment you have.

Webinar: Plastic Tank Radiator Conversion

Very often plastic tank failures can be related to poor designs or a very strenuous application that causes premature failure or the new radiator and parts are not available for servicing your customer’s needs. Whether you have an aluminum or copper and brass radiator core, tank fabrication practices are the same. During this presentation, you will learn some ideas on how to convert a plastic tank radiator to all-metal.

March 2021 Newsletter

Brutal winter storms impacted millions of people across the United States. Learn how NARSA/IDEA members are dealing with the aftermath of that recent severe winter weather. Plus, see new products our members have recently released.

A Vision for 2021

Whether your business is down or it is booming, one thing is for sure; It is necessary to set the direction for your company at the beginning of the year. If your business is slow, now is the time to think about your vision for your company and how you can turn your vision into reality. If you are busy, you must still plan for the new year because perhaps you have been blessed, and now you need to plan for expansion which is another type of vision.

My Investment in NARSA/IDEA

What is your investment worth?

This question led me to a conundrum that I had experienced recently. A former member reached out to the home office with a very specific question that only a few people in the industry would know.

January/February 2021 Cooling Journal

The first Cooling Journal magazine of 2021 has arrived! In this issue, we dig into the history of Don Harts Radiator in Texas, whose ties to the industry go back 100 years! Plus, we also have technical articles including a guide to measuring radiator cores accurately and how oscilloscopes are used in the heavy-duty market.

“Solder & Soot” Podcast Episode 02: Don Hart Radiator

In our second episode, we sit down with Don Hart of Don Hart Radiator in Texas. Hart’s ties in the industry actually go back more than 100 years. Hart discusses what he’s learned from his mistakes and the role NARSA/IDEA has played in the success of his business.

Webinar: Aftertreatment 101 (Part 2)

The discussion continues in Part 2 of Aftertreatment 101 where you will learn more about engine maintenance in relationship DPF maintenance and failures. Why is it important to be proactive? Attendees will also dive into cleaning machines types and why there is no one size fits all.

Webinar: Measure that Radiator Core Error Free (Part 2)

In Part 2 “Measure that Radiator Core Error Free!”, we explore how to properly count fins per inch in serpentine and flat fin radiator cores. Attendees will also learn the method for counting tubes in a radiator core without actually counting each tube and a continuation of ordering the correct headers either for a solder together or bolt together application. At the end of this session, you should be armed with the necessary information for ordering radiator cores correctly.

“Solder & Soot” Podcast Episode 01

NARSA/IDEA is proud to introduce our new podcast Solder & Soot. In our series premiere, hosts Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran discuss their career paths, how they began working with one another, and how they became involved with NARSA/IDEA.

2020 in Review

NARSA/IDEA has been impacted just like a lot of other businesses. All of our in-person events this year were canceled and future events are on hold to see what the beginning of 2021 looks like. This doesn’t mean we don’t have reasons to give thanks.

Coming Out as a Stronger Association

While a picture is worth a thousand words and I thoroughly enjoy talking shop with fellow members, the most interesting tales to me are the backstories of how people started their careers and arrived at where they are today. We are fortunate to have business owners from remarkably diverse backgrounds in our industry. Since there is no radiator or emissions school that serves as a pipeline into our industry, our members come from a multitude of backgrounds.

November/December 2020 Cooling Journal

This final issue of The Cooling Journal of the year includes a special member spotlight on a Kentucky family-owned business that has overcome several challenges. Inside, you’ll also find technical articles on DPF Bung Identification and Aftertreatment 101.

Webinar: Measure that Radiator Core Error Free (Part 1)

When ordering cores, mistakes can cost the service shop, the manufacturer, and the customer time and money. Learn how to do it correctly the first time with NARSA/IDEA! Executive Director Mark Taylor will explain the ins and outs of radiator core measuring along with proper terminology.

Webinar: Aftertreatment 101 (Part 1)

How do aftertreatment systems work? In Part 1 of “Aftertreatment 101,” this class led by Diesel Emissions Service Lead Trainer Steven “Jr” Stratton will cover the entire aftertreatment system, including the reason why it exists and what needs to be done for maintenance to keep it working correctly.

How NARSA/IDEA Has Evolved

Our Executive Director Mark Taylor looks back on his early days in NARSA and reflects on how the association has changed and adapted over the past 30 years.

Introducing Our Lunch and Learn Webinars

NARSA/IDEA is excited to announce our new series of “Lunch and Learn” webinars. Each month, members will be able to join virtual presentations led by leaders in our industry and be able to engage with others from across the world.

November 2020 Newsletter

Learn more about some exciting new plans for NARSA/IDEA members and read industry headlines in our November NARSA Now Newsletter.

September/October 2020 Cooling Journal

This latest issue of The Cooling Journal features a wrap-up of NARSA/IDEA’s first-ever virtual Conference, Vision 20/20. Hear from members all over the globe how they were able to connect and exchange ideas through this virtual platform.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Vision 20/20

No travel or hotel reservations are needed to attend Vision 20/20. You don’t even have to coordinate your outfits, unless you want to! In this new video, NARSA/IDEA’s staff break down the Top Reasons to Attend Vision 20/20.

Vision 20/20 Virtual Conference Speaker: John Blodgett

Our industry has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, but how does this current economy compare to previous recessions? One of the speakers at our Vision 20/20 🥽 Virtual Conference is MacKay & Co.’s John Blodgett who breaks down aftermarket insights and trucking trends specifically for NARSA/IDEA members.

Mark’s Minute – September 12, 2020

Want to revamp how you manage your business? NARSA/IDEA’s Executive Director Mark Taylor explains how the Entrepreneurial Operating System helped his company.

September 2020 Newsletter

Our Vision 20/20 Programming Schedule has been released. Plus, our website is expanding with new resources for NARSA/IDEA members. Learn more in our latest newsletter!

Vision 20/20 Virtual Conference Speaker: David Bienvenu

With more than 25 years in the industry, Radiator Service Co.’s David Bienvenu knows a thing or two about heat exchangers. At this year’s Vision 20/20 Virtual Conference on October 2 & 3, he breaks down the Top 10 Questions about Heat Exchangers he receives.

Vision 20/20 Virtual Conference Speaker: Dr. Azeemuddin Ahmed

Are you uncomfortable when it comes to negotiating? One of the speakers at our Vision 20/20 Virtual Conference is Dr. Azeemuddin Ahmed. Whether it’s dealing with your supplier, a contract, or an employee’s salary, he’ll break down strategies that may make your next negotiation a success.

Mark’s Minute – August 28, 2020

Have you picked up the latest issue of The Cooling Journal yet? A NARSA member reached out to us to ask about business relationships. Our Executive Director talks about his editorial in this week’s Mark’s Minute.

What does Vision 20/20 mean?

Why is having a clear vision essential for your company? In this video, the NARSA/IDEA staff explain how we came up with the theme for this year’s conference Vision 20/20.

July/August 2020 Cooling Journal

In the latest issue of The Cooling Journal, we break down the lineup for the Vision 20/20 Virtual Conference. Plus, a feature interview with Global Emissions Systems, Inc as well as our first NARSA member from Brazil.

Mark’s Minute – August 18, 2020

Spots are filling up fast for our Vision 20/20 Virtual Conference. Our Executive Director explains what free swag the first 200 registrants will receive in this week’s Mark’s Minute.

July 2020 NARSA Now Newsletter

Exciting news for our members. NARSA/IDEA will host its first Virtual Conference this fall. Details about how your business can benefit in our latest newsletter.

May/June 2020 Cooling Journal

In the May/June issue, we speak with several NARSA/IDEA members who tackling COVID19 challenges head on and learn how they’re keeping employees and customers safe. We also visit a Dallas, Texas radiator shop in its first year of business.

May 2020 NARSA Now Newsletter

While some US states have lifted lockdowns and reopened businesses, The World Health Organization warns that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. NARSA encourages its members to continue to put employees first by practicing social distancing, maintaining clean work environments and limit exposure.

March/April 2020 Cooling Journal

The world economy has certainly shifted in light of the Coronavirus. In this issue of The Cooling Journal, our Executive Director outlines how members can confront challenges while also keeping employees safe.

January/February 2020 Cooling Journal

The first Cooling Journal magazine of 2020 includes details on new minimum wage laws, 2 member spotlights, a feature on NARSA/IDEA’s Board of Directors and insight into a new blood lead level law in California.

New California Lead Law Impacts Radiator Industry

A new California law requires businesses to report a worker’s blood lead level (BLL) exceeding 20 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL) to the health department.

A NARSA member and radiator shop owner in believes the new regulations are unreasonable.

September/October 2019 Cooling Journal

In this issue, we wrap up NARSA’s 10th Annual Heavy Duty conference which was hosted by Kelvion/Rocore and held in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Several members were also recognized for their commitment to the association.

May/June 2019 Cooling Journal

In our May/June 2019 magazine, we learn more about the Li family of Liland Global. The company was started in the 80s by four brothers who immigrated from Taiwan and has since grown into a worldwide business. Hear how Robert Li is now leading the company into a new direction in this latest issue of The Cooling Journal.

March/April 2019 Cooling Journal

In the March/April 2019 issue of The Cooling Journal, we have a preview of what members can expect at the 10th Annual Heavy Duty Conference in Oklahoma. Plus, we spotlight NARSA/IDEA member Enviromotive from California. Learn how this family business first branched into the diesel emissions industry.

January/February 2019 Cooling Journal

The first Cooling Journal issue of 2019 looks into several trends impacting our industry. How are the current tariffs affecting your business? Why should all companies be familiar with Intellectual Property (IP) laws? And what are some techniques that entrepreneurs need to know to grow and to achieve their goals? NARSA members share their insights and experience in this latest issue.