Past Presentations

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Past Presentations:

Understanding Aftertreatment Temperature Diagnostics

Get an in-depth view of regeneration system components and operation. Additionally, you’ll learn the importance of running a regeneration for diagnostic purposes, and the powerful insight that it gives you for diagnosing failed components without the need for a fault code.

Understanding EOS

Business owners often feel like their companies are not getting the traction they should, and crave a different approach to business where efforts yield tangible results. The EOS Process has helped thousands of companies get where they want to go. Attendees will learn about the process of focusing the business, learn the major steps to ensuring accountability in their organization, be exposed to some of the EOS tools, and leave with new insights into how to run their business better.


In business, you are constantly negotiating, whether it’s financing with a bank for lines of credit or settling pricing with vendors. Understanding the framework is a key step of having a successful negotiation. In his presentation, Dr. Azeem Ahmed discusses the science of negotiations including proper preparation, style, and a look at different techniques people can utilize to ensure a successful negotiation.

Successful Marketing = Bigger Profits

The objective of this presentation is to give an overview of the best and most current Marketing tactics to bring more vehicles into your shop. This includes the newest technology available plus traditional tactics – all of which should be used together for a robust Marketing plan for your business resulting in bigger profits.

Header Rebuilding by Hand

Also known as a one-tank rod out, this process could be performed if the radiator is running hot and you have to rod the tubes out to restore heat transfer, if a seam is leaking where the tank is soldered into the header, or you have a tube to header leak. The Affton Radiator team will deconstruct this process and explain the benefits of using this method.

Radiator Header Rebuilding by Dipping

For radiator repair facilities that do not manufacture new radiator cores, this process can be used to help speed up the downtime for customers’ machines or equipment or reduce cost to the overall life of the radiator assembly. This is an art form process that is performed to completely rebuild the original conventional radiator core that comes through a radiator repair facility. The team at Affton Radiator (Fenton, Missouri) explain the process step-by-step.

Top Questions about Tube & Shell Heat Exchangers

How can you determine if a tube and shell is worth repairing or not? Why are sacrificial anodes important? How do you determine baffle spacing? With more than 25 years of experience, Radiator Service Co.’s David Bienvenu breaks down the most frequently asked questions when it comes to tube and shell heat exchanger service, repair and replacement.

What is Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)?

Get an in-depth view of the SCR system components, operation and diagnostics. At the end of this presentation, you’ll be armed with a systematic approach to help find the root cause of an SCR efficiency below threshold fault by understanding how the system operates.

COVID-19 Impact on Truck Service & Parts

The Coronavirus Pandemic has greatly impacted the business world. MacKay & Company has surveyed trucking companies to be able to forecast trends related to service and parts for OEs and aftermarket providers. The Coronavirus Pandemic has greatly impacted the business world. MacKay & Company has surveyed trucking companies to be able to forecast trends related to service and parts for OEs and aftermarket providers. MacKay & Company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Blodgett speaks about the trends in the trucking industry as a result of the COVID-19.