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The National Automotive Radiator Service Association (NARSA) is a global organization for owners and operators of businesses engaged in the sale, repair, re-manufacture, production and design of heat exchange products and services. 

The International Diesel Emissions Association (IDEA) is a network geared toward helping connect suppliers and manufacturers to businesses involved in the servicing of Diesel Emissions components.

Member Benefits

  • Connect with 200+ radiator shops and manufacturers, cooling system experts and DPF specialists
  • Attend annual conferences
  • Participate in “Lunch & Learn” webinars
  • Subscription to The Cooling Journal, our bi-monthly magazine
  • Subscription to NARSA Now newsletter
  • Access to NARSA/IDEA forum & private Facebook group
  • Access to training videos and past presentations
  • Access to Solder & Soot podcast

Connect with shops & manufacturers around the world

Latest News & Articles

Doug Shymoniak Named New NARSA/IDEA Executive Director

The Board of Directors of NARSA The International Heat Transfer Association and IDEA (International Diesel Emissions Association) announces the appointment of Douglas P. Shymoniak as Executive Director effective November 1, 2023.  Doug Shymoniak is from the Portersville, Pennsylvania area and has a past history with the association. For approximately 7 years, Doug worked with the…

Growing a Thriving & Successful Business

The best way that I could describe scaling this growth would be to allow people in your company to develop their own processes and govern themselves without the constant supervision of the owner or director. In some facilities like ours, that could mean having a parts manager, or a shop supervisor, or a warehouse director…

Change, a New Season & Farewell

Life is about change and as much as some of us like the status quo, change is inevitable. Change is like being on a set of railroad tracks; you don’t always know when the train is coming, but sooner or later it is coming.

In his final editorial as Executive Director for NARSA/IDEA, Mark…

September/October 2023 Cooling Journal

We visit Southpointe Radiator of Michigan in the 2023 September/October issue of the Cooling Journal. Learn how they’re investing in equipment to help diversify their jobs.

Plus, we’ve got a closer look at all the members and exhibitors at AAPEX 2023 and NARSA/IDEA’s corresponding events.

Optimized Copper Alloys for Thermal Management Applications

Thermal management plays a crucial role in various industrial applications, ranging from automotive engineering to electronics cooling. In the realm of heat transfer, copper alloys have long been recognized for their exceptional performance. Although the past decades have witnessed a shift towards aluminum heat exchangers, it is important to acknowledge the historical significance and enduring…

Interest Rates, Right To Repair, Education & Coolant Quality

At some point, if you are in the cooling system service and parts supply, you will be affected by poor coolant quality. Your customer and their level of coolant education will determine if you are faced with warranty issues arising from poor quality coolant. It is evident that some areas and demographics are more susceptible…


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